March 6, 2023

Accelerate your digital transformation with cloud transformation architecture… free

Kickstart business transformation today with ITaaPS

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Before 2020, digital transformation was something that was just good to have

Until recently, digital transformation was something useful — but not mandatory. That all changed when the pandemic hit. The disruptions all businesses faced in 2020 led to rapid change. Digital transformation went from a positive tactic to a survival strategy.

Today, 70% of organizations have or plan to have a digital transformation strategy (PTC, 2019). In fact, the most successful pandemic-survivor organizations reported a variety of digital transformation successes. 75% said they had the ability to fill tech jobs during the crisis, 67% said they were more advanced in using technology than their peers before the crisis, and 56% said they were the first movers in experimenting with digital technologies during the crisis (McKinsey, 2020).

First steps to a strong digital transformation?

A modern cloud-centric architecture is foundational to your digital transformation future. Moving from on-premise data centers to the cloud enables

  • Dynamic elastic computing
  • Georedundancy
  • A unified data strategy, and
  • Flexible software-defined infrastructures
Wisely designed architecture unlocks enhanced operational efficiency, better data security, improved cost management, greater agility, and more.

For best results, your cloud architecture design must account for the unique needs of workloads, users, and operational cost

One of the major reasons for the popularity of cloud transformation today is allowing your business to move from capital expenditures to operating expenses. Chop CAPEX to cut OPEX. But before you can begin designing your cloud solution, there are important steps you must assess about your existing environment and business needs. If not properly assessed, you invite chaos and disruption to the party.

Step one: partner with digital transformation experts

As a Digital Transformation leader, Spearhead works with you to ease the adoption of new cloud technologies. Over the last 5 years, we've worked tirelessly with businesses of all kinds, sizes and situations to help them transform areas where technology will make a significant impact on operations and cost-cutting. Our work led us to coin a new term to help further the growth of digital technologies and devices and clarify their new role:  Information Technology as a Platform Service (ITaaPS) .

Information Technology as a Platform Service allows you to initiate your business transformation today

To get you started, Spearhead Technology is offering Cloud Transformation Architecture in three easy steps, all at no cost to you:

  1. Send our team your Cloud Transformation need
  2. Spearhead Technology will architect it. FREE
  3. Spearhead Technology will mockup your proprietary environment in the cloud environment (Again, completely free!)

What you'll gain from our free ITaaPS Solution:

  1. No initial upfront expenses: Our free solution eliminates the need to pay initial upfront top tier expenses for an architecture solution. You will not be locked in. You won’t have to pay top dollar to make changes.
  2. The AI Advantage: We’ll analyze your current infrastructure hardware and application needs and then craft a plan to allow you to unlock clouds' unlimited amounts of resources and storage capacity – you’ll take full advantage of AI and any size dataset.
  3. Only pay for what you need: ITaaPS removes the need to continuously pay for idle IT resources. Only pay for what you need to sustain your platform. 
  4. No learning curves: You'll get templates for your team to work with from day 1 — no concern about learning how to build and use cloud environments.
  5. Lower OPEX: Immediately reduce your operating expenses.
  6. Higher speed:  increase your product time to market.
With over 25 years as a leader in Technology, Ali's visionary, innovative approach has garnered high recognition as a key player in the Information Technology community. As an industry subject matter expert, Ali's philosophy to always be in front of new and emerging technology solutions gives him the expertise to keep his customers ahead of the competition. This visionary approach has allowed him to create ITaaPS. 
Ali Khan

President, Spearhead Technology