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Your 360° Project Partners! It’s common to see businesses investing in turnkey engagements to gather innovation, new-age learning and disruptive thinking abilities. Owners and managers of major technology-aided transformations or IT infrastructure projects are taking the route of turnkey contracts. They are readily opting for strategic technology consulting and turnkey engagements to fill the gaps in their business and technical efficiencies.

The primary advantage of turnkey engagements is that the entire responsibility of project completion lies in the hands of the service provider. A turnkey contract serves as a business agreement wherein projects function on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) models. From feasibility study to project implementation, the risks of aligning technology and business goals rest with turnkey engagement advisors and consultants.

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Your Tech Experts

At Spearhead Technology, we offer smart technology solutions to support the growth and vision of all clients. Our strategic business and technology consultancy teams brainstorm and collaborate to steer products or project scenarios from the start to finish. We have a full team of technology strategists and consultants who use the latest IT tools and processes to raise organizational standards of compliance, security, and risk management. They challenge the outcomes of conventional and legacy systems to engineer new concepts and designs for all client projects.

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Spearhead Technology's Turnkey Engagement Capabilities

Propel your growth and have a competitive edge

    New IT Roadmaps

  • Match your vision and growth goals with new and innovative IT strategies

  • Align the management of IT services and business solutions after mitigating their risks

  • Prevent the need for multiple IT and business vendors or service providers

    Budgeted Designs

  • Leave the responsibilities of planning and managing delivery dates, project scope, design and implementation, supervision and management, etc. to our teams

  • Figure out independent design and project outlays at reduced operational costs to align with your budget and business needs

    Fully-Managed Solutions

  • Enjoy improved cost savings and quick transformations in process design and strategy implementation

  • Retain focus on your core activities without worrying about troubleshooting, deadlines or deliveries

Fast Forward Projects to Success

Our capabilities as turnkey engagement service providers differentiate us from others in the race.

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360° Project Partners

We collaborate with experienced technology experts to guide your project or product scenario. Our turnkey engagements are targeted towards meeting your goals without distracting you from your core activities or business objectives.

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Use of Comprehensive Processes

At Spearhead, we start with a thorough evaluation of your needs and carry them through to fruitful execution. Our responsive designs and processes strive to take care of anything that comes in the way of holistic business and IT success.

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Advanced Technology Expertise

We possess in-depth industry knowledge and effective methodologies to strategize, plan, procure, design, and manage your projects. You can expect full momentum for your IT and business initiatives with our turnkey arrangements.

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Appropriate Staffing

Eradicate your need for different vendors and subcontractors. Our turnkey engagement modules are modelled, executed and managed by Spearhead’s in-house resources from the start to finish to deliver consistent results.

IT Consultancy & Turnkey Business​

Engage with flexible engagement models that take full responsibility for the timely delivery of project milestones and client requirements. We work and brainstorm closely with you to understand your business needs and all that may go wrong while developing project solutions. We ensure complete transparency and visibility at all times in the strategies, processes and methods defining our turnkey engagements. With extensive experience in project planning, service deployment and program governance, we aim to be your partners in success.
  • Enjoy quick supply chain integration with our in-depth client-centric knowledge and expertise.

  • Leverage the benefits of trained external and internal staff to bring your projects to completion.

  • Increase savings and profitability metrics with scalable process efficiencies and cost reductions.

  • Gain full visibility and control of your workforce, temp workers, contractors and consultants.

Turnkey Engagement Services​

  • Our turnkey projects provide 360 degrees support to meet your IT and business demands.

  • We provide bespoke services via single engagement, reliable, multi-source turnkey models.

  • Our scalable project management services promise improved conversions and reduced costs

  • We fast-track turnkey engagements and projects to make your business more competitive.

Future. Ready.

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