Case Study: Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration for Large Hotel Resort Chain

Resulting in a 90% reduction in cost


A large U.S. retailer wanted to move from a 10 year old on-prem server solution to the cloud to reduce costs associated with their data center footprint. Partnering with Spearhead allowed them to reduce costs and adapt a CI/CD deployment pipeline to modernize how they go to market.


  • Front of the House Systems updates brought periodic outages causing customer complaints and revenue losses
  • State Requirements around data privacy and data retention limited the flexibility to update historical data repositories due to aging application servers in data center

Solutions Offered

  • Created an advanced SDN network topology to mitigate outages and minimize downtime, increasing up time up to 99.7%
  • Setup an IaaS cloud environment, mimicked the operational application specs, migrated historical data to a cloud instance certified to hold sensitive historical data
  • Created an end of the year transition roadmap from premise to cloud for migration of 20 legacy servers hosting historical data.
  • VPC with legacy OS in secure environments set up to ensure access stayed available to corporate auditors


Client increased Front of House applications availability to above 90%, resulting in a 65% decrease in customer complaints
Transitioning from on-prem to cloud reduced costs by 90%