End-to-End Digital Transformation for Largest U.S. Casino Company

Case Study: End-to-End Digital Transformation

One of U.S. Largest Casinos Begins Its Digital Transformation to Stay ahead of the Competition

What Happens in Vegas... Stays in Vegas


A premier U.S. casino partnered with Spearhead Technology to optimize and complete a digital transformation to stay competitive. They had critical uptime requirements as well as the need to accommodate 700 active applications.


  • Staying competitive in a market that is threatened by the online gaming trend
  • Revenues take a huge hit each time LNV Servers Go Down and Hotels are forced to do handwritten transactions until IT resolves problem

Solutions Offered

  • Analyzed over 700 active applications and created a roadmap for an enterprise-wide move to the cloud and consolidation of data centers, creating additional revenues via cloud savings, making the casino business more profitable
  • Spearhead created architecture for a new cloud-based system with an uptime of 99.7%, vs their 78% model.


Applications are on the roadmap to be moved to the cloud, saving millions of dollars every year in expenses
Reduction in complaint tickets over the first three months thanks to new cloud-based infrastructure with 99.97 uptime