Major emerging retail, logistics, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) trends you cannot miss in 2022

The retail. logistics and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries are going through the most challenging period, triggering new insights and predictions for 2022. The challenges presented by scarce resources, environmental risks, higher margins and the booming world population are increasing every day – leaving CPG, retail and logistics companies at their wit’s end.

  • Different trends in the soft goods and food sectors are emerging in the backdrop of new Pandemic waves, thereby changing consumer needs and demands.
  • The latest AI and ML-enabled technology solutions are transforming the resiliency and productivity metrics of global manufacturing and distribution units.
  • Speedy innovations are meeting consumer demands with better health benefits and sustainable product and package lines.

Resultantly, businesses are turning to new digital transformation strategies and models to accelerate modernization and drive profitable growth. AI and ML-enabled tools and processes are being experimented with to win over new customers and retain the old ones.

So, where are these industries headed? At Spearhead, our technology experts are working around top predictions to help organizations looking for agile solutions in 2022.

Photo of logistics trends
Photo of connected packaging

Trend #1: Connected Packaging

Retail companies and CPG brands competing for attention are connecting with their e-commerce consumers directly. They are relying on connected packaging means to improve customer experiences and meet their demand for transparency. Serialized QR codes are helping brands meet on-demand experiences and solve the complexities of global supply chains like:

  • Collection of critical buyer and purchase behavior data.
  • Product validation to help customers identify any counterfeit items.
  • Transparency about the ingredients contained in the products, manufacturing methods, etc.
  • Personalized consumer engagements without incurring additional promotion costs, etc.
Photo of omnichannel shipping

#2: Omnichannel Shipping

Retail logistics providers and e-commerce giants like Amazon are using technology-aided solutions to deal with the problems of last-mile logistics and deliveries. Spearhead Technology is helping CPG, retail and logistics companies with end-to-end resources to connect the dots

According to another top prediction, omnichannel fulfillment will continue to be a leading approach for the logistics industry to meet retail customer expectations in 2022. Traditional retailers are investing in new omnichannel touchpoints and easier in-store and online shopping means to attract new shoppers and increase customer loyalty. More creative shipping, return order flows and omnichannel fulfillment channels are being put in place to handle the complexities of supply chains.

Photo of operational resilience and supply chain mangement

#3: Operational Resilience And Supply Chain Management

Improved collaborations and data-sharing techniques are enabling better forecasting, planning, in-stock conditions, compliance and program execution to foster growth and innovation. New forecasting methods that are capable of handling advanced analytics, additional data types and Internet of Things (IoT) for on-shelf/in-store use are expected to gain further mileage in 2022.

Spearhead enables easy adoption of IoT and 5G to relay, develop, process, analyze and use huge quantities of data. Our in-time digital transformation strategies and technology investments are benefiting products, customer engagements, in-store inventory and processes with new industry opportunities.