Major emerging telecom trends you cannot miss in 2022

The Pandemic has brought to light how billions of people worldwide have no means or methods to be a part of the global connectivity drive. Resultantly, disruptive changes are being put in place to overcome the challenges faced by the world of telecommunication and connectivity. Most companies have adopted drastic measures to cater to the surging demands of WFH (Work from Home), e-shopping and online classrooms.

  • Game-changing trends are in order for the telecom sector that has become the hub of growth, innovation and the latest technologies.
  • As witnessed last year, there is a strong mix of influencing factors fueling the advancement of telecom innovation.
  • AI-aided conversational platforms, along with VoIP, cloud-based and other open-ended technologies has made the telecom scenario more competitive than ever before.
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Major changes for Telecom

To combat the ongoing challenges, telecommunication companies are deriving inspiration from industry leaders to embrace critical strategic opportunities. They are taking all possible steps to:

  • Reposition themselves to increase business agility and survive

  • Enhance agility with improved wireless networks, services, business models and products

  • Re-strategize to fulfill customer needs, improve engagements and retain consumer loyalty

Photo showing focus on 5g for businesses

Trend #1: Focus On 5G For Businesses

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Photo showing mobile-first customers demanding digital experiences

#2: Mobile-First Customers Demand Digital Experiences

Smartphone penetration has impacted the way customers are behaving with business providers. To meet their rising expectations, companies are investing in ‘Over the Top’ (OTT) services like instant messaging platforms to facilitate fast and convenient engagements.
Photo showing AI-Powered platforms and interactions

#3: AI-Powered Platforms And Interactions

A major chunk of the investment of AI-enabled telecom organizations is going towards automated customer services. This trend is expected to continue with a greater focus on network optimization and predictive maintenance. A major surge is expected in the development and use of AI-powered tools like business telephony, virtual assistants, chatbots and conversational AI for more satisfactory customer services.
Photo showing cyber-security data privacy regulations

#4: Cyber-Security Data Privacy Regulations

Another top trend dominating the telecom industry relates to the efforts made by companies to govern data access and de-identify or mask personal information. To avoid cyberattacks, they are investing in a more robust IT infrastructure. New capabilities are in place to store and communicate data, reduce application downtime and prevent loss of sensitive data.
Photo showing conventional processes are passe

#5: Conventional Processes Are Passe

The telecom sector is moving away from legacy backup solutions to combat the business disruptions caused by malware attacks, data compliance risks and non-adherence to data privacy regulations — making smarter choices based on the trustworthiness and security of shared networks. For instance, new road maps are now in place to store call detail records (CDRs), consumer data and internet session.
Final thoughts

Trends in Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Challenges are rising ever since the virus struck, making it imperative for telecommunications and connectivity companies to emerge as essential service providers. New and emerging trends are pointing towards more streamlined telco-backed online services. Remote work has already become a reality for McKinsey, PepsiCo, Salesforce and other agile delivery organizations committed to acceleration and sustainable modernization. It’s now evident that the current tsunami of technology-aided connectivity solutions will continue in 2022 and beyond.
Photo showing trends in telecom, media, and technology