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Attain marketing automation and the many benefits of relevant customer profile messaging. Construct, integrate and manage impactful, engaging marketing campaigns.

At Spearhead, we turbocharge your marketing efforts with the capabilities and benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our Marketing Cloud specialists develop powerful marketing automation strategies to increase your reach and presence. The implementation and consulting services of Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps in new customer acquisition. We can re-engage inactive customers to add to your customer base and ROI.

Multi-channel communications, interactive marketing solutions and on-demand email marketing are among the many perks of Salesforce Marketing Cloud software — our consultants make sure you deploy them with best practices to meet marketing objectives.

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Salesforce Experts

Based on the number of users, enabled features and the levels of services imparted through the Marketing Cloud, you can:

  • Use real-time, improved customer data to develop cross marketing channels with the latest technologies, channels and user platforms.
  • Sync your campaigns and marketing data with the tools and features of Salesforce to ensure higher conversions from your leads.
  • Make your social and email campaigns mobile and connect with customers 24/7, anywhere.
  • Forecast and develop the right web content in your landing pages to track customers and escalate conversions.
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Spearhead Technology's SFMC Capabilities

Provide personalized experiences to escalate customer engagements

    Data-Driven Messaging

  • Deliver targeted and relevant messages to contacts based on their current data

  • Trigger new customer messages based on real-time interactions and changes in customer data

  • Link the SFMC journey with customer marketing analytics for effective decision-making

    Multi-Channel Messaging

  • Use SMS and emails for sharing post-purchase communication, shipment status, product registration emails, customer surveys, etc. with ‘branches’ in the customer’s journey

  • Communicate timely information about loans/ credit and upcoming loan payments to reduce customers’ risk of late payment penalties

    Dynamic Components

  • Create added components in SFMC to enable personalized experiences with subject lines/ dynamic content for email recipients

  • Help your salesmen use dynamic profiles to create emails based on common use cases

  • Drive more effective customer engagement and build your brand identity with timely messaging of relevant content

Benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Data Management

  • Manage customer data with Marketing Cloud data extensions; form associations and relational databases with full SQL support to gain the desired results.
  • Build complex audience profiles and segment them with SFMC’s ability to store different data types with appropriate data models.
  • Use the integration capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud APIs to collect, retrieve and analyze data from various sources.
photo showing Integration Features

Integration Features

  • Draw data from different sources with the extensive integration capabilities of SFMC.
  • Integrate triggered ends and import contact data to manage customer information effectively.
  • Use the various APIs provided by Marketing Cloud (including a SOAP API and a REST API), Sales Cloud and other linked Salesforce apps to enjoy advanced marketing capabilities.
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Third-Party Applications/ AI

  • Increase the reach of Marketing Cloud with Salesforce AppExchange and other third-party applications.
  • Deploy the Einstein,” features in Salesforce’s AI apps to make predictions for messaging, get optimum engagement frequencies, and guarantee more power-packed customer engagements.

Why Salesforce Marketing Cloud Platform?

Marketing Cloud provides access to in-depth customer and contact knowledge. SFMC’s tools and functionality create single unified customer profiles by connecting different data sources and platforms. Futuristic marketing companies and marketers are using Marketing Cloud to:
  • Customize customer engagements and communication with Artificial Intelligence tools.

  • Generate awareness and attention across the entire customer journey with real-time information and insights.

  • Measure the different aspects of the customer journey with Google Analytics 360 and other AI tools.

  • Benefit from real-time campaign results measurements and customer relationships with channel customization and data sources unification for B2C and B2B businesses.

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Spearhead’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud consultancy encompasses different editions of enterprise-level platforms to cater to all industry verticals. Companies of different sizes have benefitted with our flexible and customized Marketing Cloud solutions.
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