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Consolidate your IT environment with Service Graph and next-gen CMDB solutions to make better business decisions. Construct logical and smart representations of services, relationships and assets to strengthen the components of your organization’s infrastructure.

ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is useful for storing information about the components in your IT system. Once you switch over, the CMDB will monitor the infrastructure to ensure stable and continuous service operations. Use the core features of ServiceNow CMDB to solve data integrity problems, detect various health problems or adopt better data lifecycle management capabilities.

The CMDB ServiceNow database is designed to collect and store information about technical services. The information pertaining to each service can be found in the Configuration Items (CIs) connected to that service.

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CMDB Experts

  • Bring together and standardize external data into your CMDB using Service Graph Connectors.
  • IntegrationHub ETL, Discovery and related data acquisition systems can be used to populate CI data into a singular workspace.
  • Use crisp, power-packed graphical views to chalk out, query and decipher the complicated CI relationships linking different tables.
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Spearhead Technology's CMDB Capabilities

Empower your business with AI and data analytics

    Single Data Model

  • The single data model structure of ServiceNow CMDB has standard taxonomy, integrated processes and a pre-defined format for exchanged data

  • Leverage a singular and consolidated system of records views and tables on the Now Platform

  • Extend views and tables, reference the fields belonging to other tables, and drive workflows with the latest normalization and data validation rules

    Simple And Accurate Data Acquisition

  • ServiceNow® Discovery and the other methods used by CMDB allow for accurate and easy data population with Cl data

  • Quickly identify the CIs in the reckoning before triggering sensors and probes to gather device-specific attributes and data

  • You can track CIs and tweak the operational activities that directly or indirectly impact those CIs to achieve better outcomes

    Reporting And Visualization

  • The mapping functions of CMDB’s business service management tools help users map and filter data, focus on specific CIs and get proper views of the impact and risks through visuals

  • The service and CI history timeline, flexible reporting engines, a query builder and service history timeline are other tools that are useful for creating dashboards and tools to figure out the health of CIs

Benefits of ServiceNow CMDB

Service Graph collates all the organizational data silos that are required by your organization’s IT systems on a single platform. Once the products are linked across the digital lifecycle, you can be assured of better operations visibility into the IT resources.

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Easy Linking of Digital Products

Our planned cloud approach and implementations create the finest blueprints for adopted cloud platforms and intelligent cloud experiences.

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Improved Planning

Technology managers use CMDB’s asset management and enterprise architecture management capabilities to plan at detailed and high levels. They can eliminate outages, enable compliance and reduce the risks of audit and security fines with proper plans in place.

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Operating Benefits

CMDB provides for improved core ITSM practices that include change, incident and problem management. For example, CMDB impacts incident management by noting the main causes and changes linked to an incident to enable faster resolutions and decisions.

photo showing Reduced Service costs / Downtime

Reduced Service costs / Downtime

The features of root-cause analysis allow users to discover the source of any problem. It supports proactive management to decrease downtime and service costs. Similarly, CMDB’s access controls track and trace any incidents to their source to ensure smooth running of IT models.

ServiceNow CMDB – Our Capabilities

  • Provide for accurate visualization and reporting, faster upgrades, decreased downtime and service costs.

  • Connect similar data types and silos with the help of reliable CMDB base tables.

  • Integrate downstream and upstream workflows and CMDB frameworks for improved decision-making, quick resolutions of CI health issues and deeper insights.

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