Service Now: Hardware Asset Management Pro (HAM Pro)

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Service Now: Hardware Asset Management Pro (HAM Pro)


Spearhead Technology’s partnership with ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management Pro (HAM Pro) introduced automated solutions to deploy, replace and retire specific hardware assets of a leading USA-based asset lifecycle company. Smart, fully-managed HAM Pro modules were used to move asset attributes and functions between organizational assets as an integral part of the Client’s day-to-day hardware asset management tasks.

Business Need

The evolving asset estate and workplaces run by the Client were facing challenges from various cost, risk and operation perspectives.

  • Multiple stockrooms (based in different locations) were making it tough for asset managers to secure business goals and ensure their resilience.
  • The problems of scattered data and decentralized asset management, coupled with asset teams dealing with multiple data siloes, were making the otherwise simple asset refresh tasks cumbersome.
  • It was important to streamline asset ownership, location of assets, their configuration and use, cost of assets, and how they could be decommissioned or upgraded for better business outcomes.

A robust, singular IT lifecycle management platform was needed to make day-to-day operation shifts seamless, affordable and less time-consuming.

Why ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management Pro (HAM Pro)?

Spearhead Technology has decades of experience in tracking and managing consumable and physical hardware assets. The ServiceNow HAM Pro consultants at Spearhead know how to simplify the complexities of hardware asset management with cross-enterprise workflows and improved lifecycle visibility.

The Client was aware of ServiceNow HAM capabilities and wanted to use its Professional modules to work from a central platform. The challenge was to manage all IT assets from a secure, single system of action, with Hardware Asset Management (HAM) being the primary concern.

The Solution

Once deployed, ServiceNow HAM (Pro) modules were used to integrate automation, advanced workflows and new mobile capabilities for better asset management. It became possible for the Client to:

  • Know its assets, basis their ownership and health status.
  • Forecast stockroom needs.
  • Use flexible workflows to track temporary assets.
  • Monitor asset health and risks linked to incomplete assets, chronic hardware and compliances through an asset health dashboard.
  • Complete and support Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) tasks and workflows automatically and in advance.
  • Leverage prescriptive workflows to maintain stock levels.
  • Predict future demands to save on asset time, investments and resources, etc.

Overall, the ServiceNow HAM team delivered enhanced visibility across the entire asset lifecycle of the Client.  The Client took full advantage of Spearhead’s partnership with ServiceNow to increase asset-linked data accuracy, process efficiency and visibility with the features and benefits of Hardware Asset Management Pro (HAM Pro).

Benefits of ServiceNow HAM (Pro) Extended by Spearhead Technology

Redesigned vendor workflows, real-time data views and automated lifecycle processes supported by HAM Pro helped the Client accelerate, modernize and scale its business operations.

  • There was a 32% expansion in customer base in less than 3 months of optimizing the IT architectural capabilities.
  • Automated data normalization resulted in accurate identification, reporting and utilization of hardware assets owned by the organization.
  • Improved purchase and budgeting decisions were in order with newfound asset lifecycle insights and visibility.
  • Automated search capabilities and the mobile scanning features of HAM Pro enabled quick recording, tracking and reporting of hardware asset inventory data for audit purposes.


The Hardware Asset Management (HAM) capabilities of Spearhead Technology were further used by the Client to group assets and key applications into packages. These packages added value to the actionable insights presented by ServiceNow HAM Pro to enhance asset usage, adaptability, innovation and vigilance.