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Spearhead Technology provides Service Graph connectors and tailor-made data health solutions to aid the IT functions of a premium asset management company in the USA. A single, centralized dashboard with ServiceNow CMDBs have linked the client’s products, software and systems for seamless tracking of the configuration items (CIs).

Business Need

The Client was struggling with increased IT costs and frequent outages. It was becoming difficult for in-house system administrators and data analytics teams to handle redundant, obsolete and misleading configuration items (CIs). There were several unnecessary and manual interventions in place to keep the existing CMDB healthy and populated with accurate information. This was impacting data quality and adding on disconnected data silos in the organization.

The need for a full-managed and well-configured CMDB system was in order. ServiceNow CMDB dashboards, policy frameworks and tools were required to streamline workflows and i

Why ServiceNow?

Spearhead’s decades of industry and domain experience helps industry verticals leverage the benefits of ServiceNow and its Configuration Management Database utilities. The service and research-backed CMDB approach taken by Spearhead expeditors aids the management of assets across their life cycles. Their expertise in handling CapEx and OpEx assets enables critical decision-making from the data, costs and value perspectives.

The scalable and robust cloud platforms used by Spearhead expedite workflows and streamline codes and data models to provide:

  • Checked, improved and reconciled data for complex compliance audits.
  • In-depth user insights based on inventory/ assets analysis to create usable views of what’s possible.
  • Future-ready interdependencies for positive asset life-cycle management outcomes.

The CMDB operators and developers at Spearhead automate routine work tasks to curb operational inefficiencies and costs. The Client was aware of how these experts could collate tasks, processes and configuration items to improve optimization and financial planning. The industry-leading best practices and ServiceNow capabilities of Spearhead encouraged the Client to trigger engagements for efficiency gains, optimal savings and improved CMDB efficiency and growth.

The Solution

Spearhead Technology allocated the task to dedicated CMDB expeditors who stepped in to deliver consistent value with current, complete and accurate CIs. They deployed a healthy ServiceNow CMDB platform and managed its health proactively. The act resulted in reliable decision making and scalable support tools for asset management.

The CMDB team spearheaded the following roles to achieve actionable objectives and deliver accelerated business outcomes.

  1. Developed and deployed a well-configured CMDB to save up to 40% in IT operational costs.
  2. Created a detailed configuration management plan to design, implement and maintain the Client’s increased configuration management capabilities.
  3. Determined and allocated the right resources to own and manage the newly-launched CMDB system.
  4. Populated the CMDB with relevant CIs, defined specific CI classes, and designed options to improve the configuration management capabilities of in-house teams.
  5. Identified primary IT initiatives and synced the CMDB to support digital transformation goals and key use cases for ongoing strategic management.
  6. Added CI attributes and reliable ServiceNow components to audit and protect the data control systems and components.

The team ensured up-to-date and accurate views of mission-critical data to scale business operations, expand the customer base and optimize the organization’s IT architectural capabilities.


Spearhead’s partnership with ServiceNow ensured CMDB success by including a single, reliable resource for collating configuration information across different applications. Healthy CMDB solutions resulted in 38% faster incident resolution with up to 82% lesser outages and failed changes.

Alongside, timely integration of a CMDB dashboard led to faster resolution of problems with the help of ServiceNow mechanisms.

  • The tools and features of Service Graph integrated and connected all digital products across their lifecycle.
  • Silos were broken down to manage the digital lifecycles of various views, apps and tables.
  • In-house CMDB teams could attain better real-time data-driven outcomes with a clear understanding of current and expected risks.
  • Accurate, certified and trustworthy data could be imported from external points for use in forms, apps and workflows.
  • Logical representations of data, services, assets and their relationships created a more robust CMDB infrastructure.
  • Proper control over CI updates and CMDB data at all levels helped in delivering operational insights.
  • Modification of reconciliation rules for updated CMDB databases from specific discovery sources enabled faster IT risk mitigation.
  • Improved data quality and data management became a reality with querying on Multisource Report Builder and other ServiceNow tools.


The Client needed more efficient and impactful configuration management processes to remove data inefficiencies and increase its IT capabilities. The ServiceNow CMDB solutions implemented by Spearhead Technology are enabling the Client to use smart workspaces with an easy-to-navigate interface and CMDB configuration items. Standardized data stacks (supported by ServiceNow mechanisms) have become more accessible to enable sound technical decisions.

The overall understanding of critical assets, components and business processes is further simplified to support better IT decisions and configuration management goals. The CMDB is providing end-to-end, accurate views of all asset management processes and assets controlled by the organization. In turn, this has helped the Client maintain a consolidated asset portfolio rather than manage its assets individually. The disruptive changes brought in by Spearhead have enabled improved risk management and reduced operational costs to provide a higher ROI.