May 6, 2022

The (re)start of an exciting professional journey with Spearhead Technology

Photo for The (re)start of an exciting professional journey with Spearhead Technology

What attracted me to Spearhead Technology was its credible, strong reputation that rests on ground nourished by values like respect for original thinking, analytical intelligence, honesty, and integrity.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked in the IT sector when it was only beginning to grow.

As I commence my journey in the capacity of managing director (India) for Spearhead Technology, a company globally hailed as a force to reckon in the digital revolution age, it reminds me of my personal goal that I harbored as a young adult before joining the workforce — to do work that made a dent in the world… my good luck would have it, Spearhead allows me to fulfill this personal goal and so much more.

Since its inception, Spearhead Technology has focused on creating a workspace that allows ethics like equality & creative thinking to flourish, allowing for the creation of a safe space for employees plus clients to collaborate and produce excellent output.

It’s illuminating to encounter and work with the vast talent pool here, composed of professionals with a diverse range of skills and talents.

Each one is more driven and inspired than the next, eager to produce their best and make a difference, just like I wished back then. To my pleasant surprise, this is a common trait among all Spearhead employees; that keeps us motivated 24x7, thus helping us grow by leaps and bounds, professionally and personally.

The excitement and passion that defined the young me are roaring to go, and Spearhead Technology is the only one I must thank as it allows me to lead the way into the new age.

To anyone looking to make a difference in the world, if the shoe fits, come, be a part of Spearhead Technology, and see your work make a true impact on the world we inhabit.