Web and Mobile Application Development for Large Restaurant Chain

Case Study: Enterprise-Wide Web & Mobile Applications Development

Large U.S. Restaurant Chain Modernization of Customer Experience with Mobile Transactions Online and in Restaurant

Increasing sales by 11% in the first month alone


A large restaurant chain partnered with Spearhead to modernize their ordering system from traditional POS equipment, that only allowed transactions in-restaurant at the POS counter, to an online app that allowed for ordering anytime from anywhere.


  • Traditional POS Equipment only allowed transactions at the POS Counter
  • Restaurant had not advanced its presence on social media and lacked the sales of online orders vs. competitors

Solutions Offered

  • Spearhead updated restaurant's Aloha application and equipment with incorporated cloud functionality, putting decisioning data at the restaurants fingertips, resulting in timely resolutions that generated thousand in savings
  • Spearhead implemented a mobile platform which provided information to its customers and waitstaff along with the ability to post on social media, which immediately increased sales


18% increase in sales overnight from Modernization of Restaurant POS systems, plus increased transaction security and the debut of an In Restaurant APP to standardize orders
11% increase in sales the first month alone from the accessibility of ordering online from anywhere at any time via the new app