AI and ML Solutions for One of the Largest Telecommunication Providers

Case Study: AI ML Solutions / Advanced Analytics

One of U.S. Largest Telecommunications Providers Transform Their Business Model to Provide Personalization in Customers User Experience Online

Data Tells me You Hear Me Now!


One of the largest telecommunications provider partnered with Spearhead to incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to reduce the amount of staff needed to intervene in over 100,000 customers' experience when ordering online. Our solution automated the process and reduced the need for human intervention.


  • Providing customers, a single place for endless product options at their fingertips
  • AI and ML solutions to remedy problem areas for 100K+ customers without human intervention

Solutions Offered

  • Spearhead implemented ServiceNow “NOW” solution to create a centralized interface between the old and new applications that automated hundreds of manual steps initiated by the customer
  • Spearhead implemented SNOW’s Event Monitoring Engines based on AI / ML input to monitor and create algorithms to provide automated solutions to problems that previously required human intervention


A significant saving to the overall process and counting, Spearhead's solution routed thousands of customers to a centralized ServiceNow instance, resulting in a 15% decrease in processing time for new orders
33% reduction in overall incident tickets resulting from network related issues where bandwidth impacted performance