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This fast-emerging asset class has complex risk management concerns. When handled by our crypto risk managers, the challenges of cryptocurrency regulations, modeling, valuation, liquidity, clearing settlement and other complexities get transformed into positive business results.

  • Cryptocurrencies are not interchangeable; they are unique and diverse in properties.
  • There is no commonly accepted consensus valuation approach, metrics or reported pricing information.
  • Cryptocurrencies are deprived of standard legal protection as they are not standard products or traded financial instruments.
  • These financial instruments are highly volatile and are traded trade 24/7 globally.
  • The cryptocurrency market is ridden with high volatility, limited liquidity and price fluctuations.
  • Cryptocurrency custodial solutions for institutions are technologically and legally complicated.
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 This image illustrates how blockchain technology can enhance behavioral analytics in financial services. It depicts an intricate network of blockchain nodes and blocks, vividly highlighted in neon purple and green colors. Within this network are various symbols representing online user behaviors: a clock indicating time spent on a webpage, a globe with overlaid IP addresses, a magnifying glass for search behavior, a depiction of a mouse click symbolizing click speed, and shopping cart icons representing online purchases. These elements are interconnected with glowing neon lines within the blockchain structure, symbolizing the integration of behavioral data for fraud detection. The composition is dynamic and interconnected, emphasizing the capability of blockchain technology to securely analyze and protect against fraudulent online financial activities.

Behavioral Analytics

Leverage time spent on a webpage, IP addresses, search behavior, click speed and online purchases to detect fraud

Detect any anomalous relationships or transactions

Detect real-time frauds via advanced blockchain analytics tools

Deploy useful blockchain-aided statistical techniques and models

Case Management

Deploy advance analytics based on the knowledge derived from case management software and disparate information sources to protect your deals
This image portrays the application of blockchain technology in enhancing anti-money laundering measures and case management, particularly in deploying advanced analytics. The central focus is a large folder icon, symbolizing case management, wrapped within an intricate blockchain network. On the folder is a prominent money symbol, indicating its relevance to financial transactions. The blockchain is visualized as a series of interconnected blocks and nodes, all glowing in vibrant green and purple neon lights, which represent the secure, interconnected nature of the technology. These neon lights also connect the blockchain to various elements symbolizing disparate information sources such as databases, documents, and digital interfaces. The composition effectively illustrates how blockchain technology integrates with case management software and a variety of data sources to provide advanced analytics for protecting financial deals.

Mitigate the AML risks in your financial transactions

Detect fraud and compliance issues without fail

Protect your deals with advanced analytics

image showing Combat the challenges presented by banks and global financial institutions readily

Compliance Reporting

Combat the challenges presented by banks and global financial institutions readily

Provide workable features and functions for different AML systems and solutions

Develop and integrate Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance programs

Mitgate the risks associated with financial markets

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Trade with the most popular and profitable cryptocurrency exchanges, day and night. We provide market prices and bank guarantees aggregated from popular cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions, worldwide.
This image illustrates the concept of cryptocurrency trading, emphasizing the use of blockchain-aided statistical techniques for detecting anomalies in financial systems. The scene features a dynamic display of cryptocurrency trading activity, with digital currency symbols and trading graphs prominently shown. Central to the composition are elements representing advanced blockchain analytics tools, including visualizations of real-time tracking, IP address monitoring, search behavior analysis, click speed, and online purchase patterns. These components are interconnected with neon green and purple lights, symbolizing the sophisticated flow of data and the efficacy of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) trackers in real-time fraud detection. The overall design is high-tech and informative, effectively conveying the company's expertise in deploying blockchain technology for financial security and fraud detection, making it ideal for a website focused on financial technology solutions.
This image visually conveys the concept of 'Staking to Earn Crypto' for a website audience. It features a depiction of a blockchain network, specifically focusing on a proof-of-stake system. The network is represented by interconnected nodes and blocks that glow in neon green, symbolizing the security and active participation of users in confirming crypto asset transactions. The scene includes visual elements such as coins or symbols of cryptocurrency, highlighting the rewards users earn through staking. The design is sleek, digital, and engaging, effectively communicating how regular rewards from staking can enhance the value of cryptocurrency holdings. The use of neon green throughout the image creates a cohesive and visually striking theme, emphasizing the innovative nature of earning through blockchain technology.
This image is designed to visually explain the concept of both large and small-sized cryptocurrency trades for a website. It depicts a high-tech trading environment, resembling a stock market chart, to emphasize the trading of top cryptocurrencies. The scene features digital screens or panels that display cryptocurrency trading graphs and data, all illuminated in striking neon green. These screens highlight the use of advanced order routing sources to secure the best market prices with minimal counterparty risks. The overall design underscores the advanced technology and security inherent in cryptocurrency trading, focusing on the supportive services provided by a client support team. The consistent use of neon green lights and colors throughout the image creates a cohesive and visually appealing theme, reflecting the innovative and dynamic nature of cryptocurrency trading.

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