Cloud Migration for Large U.S. Clothing Retailer

A large U.S. retailer wanted to move from a 10 year old on-prem server solution to the cloud to reduce costs associated with their data center footprint. Partnering with Spearhead allowed them to reduce costs and adapt a CI/CD deployment pipeline to modernize how they go to market.


Front of the House Systems updates bring periodic outages causing customer complaints and revenue losses.

State Requirements around data privacy and data retention limit the flexibility to update historical data repositories due to aging application servers in the data center.

Spearhead created an advanced SDN network topology to mitigate outages and minimize downtime, increasing uptime up to 99.7%. Spearhead set up an IaaS cloud environment, mimicked the operational application specs, migrated historical data to a cloud instance certified to hold sensitive historical data.

Solutions Offered

Spearhead created an end of the year transition roadmap from premise to cloud for migration of 20 legacy servers hosting historical data. VPC with legacy OS in secure environments where setup to ensure access stayed available to corporate auditors.


  • 0million+
    Introduction of a DevOps practice uncovered testing issues that once resolved cut down testing cycle time resulting in 2 Million + dollars savings the first year
  • 0%
    By adopting an iterative delivery SDLC, a CI/CD Deployment Pipeline was championed and increased the time to market by 17%