Cloud Migration for Large U.S. Clothing Retailer

Saving the retailer $2 million the first year


A large U.S. retailer wanted to move from a 10 year old on-prem server solution to the cloud to reduce costs associated with their data center footprint. Partnering with Spearhead allowed them to reduce costs and adapt a CI/CD deployment pipeline to modernize how they go to market.


  • Traditional Servers ( On Premise ) setup was set up over 10 years ago. A move to the cloud reduced data center footprint cost.
  • Clunky Delivery Pipeline required 2X to 3X the resources for traditional delivery

Solutions Offered

  • Spearhead created a cloud migration plan that rivaled others in the industry who were also moving to the cloud, creating a road map of savings for the future
  • Spearhead trained the organization on iterative vs traditional SDLC and helped the organization modernize a release management pipeline to help the organization deliver product to market earlier


Introduction of a DevOps practice uncovered testing issues that once resolved cut down testing cycle time resulting in 2 Million + dollars savings the first year
By adopting an iterative delivery SDLC, a CI/CD Deployment Pipeline was championed and increased the time to market by 17%