AI/ML Solutions for Defects Understanding and Identification


A major health solutions provider needed a solution to large volume of defects that came from various teams entering descriptions via free, unstructured text fields. Spearhead Technology implemented AI/ML solutions with advanced NLP techniques to understand descriptions and classify the defects to significantly improve the ability to understand deficiencies and pinpoint their causes.


  • Client uses Rally Software to log and track defects. However, descriptions of these defects are entered in Rally by various teams as free unstructured text.
  • Due to the defects large volume, client can’t characterize the nature of the defects, effectively analyze them, or identify their root causes.

Solutions Offered

  • The AI/ML solution infers meanings and topics from notes and comments entered in free text by various teams in Rally employing advanced NLP techniques and neural networks to understand descriptions and classify the defects taxonomy and to discover further the most problematic apps and modules where the defects are occurring.
  • The solution also predicts the future most challenging areas of defects using time-series modeling.
  • The solution replaces the need for many employees to manually go through the description of the defects and significantly improves the client’s ability to understand the deficiencies and pinpoint their causes.