Business Process Automation to Modernize a Large Retailer’s HR Operations

A large retailer partnered with Spearhead to modernize how they onboard new employees as well as transform how their HR department processes reports.


  • Onboarding Time Sensitive resource took up to 3 weeks from Offer Letter to First Day of Work with access to the system
  • Legacy System Reports consumed 80% of resource team time

Solutions Offered

  • Spearhead implemented an automation process that cut down the new employee onboarding process by 70%
  • Spearhead utilized an IPA tool to automate many of the reports being generated which enabled the client to decrease resources used previously


  • 0%
    70% decrease in onboarding time by transforming business process automations.
  • 0%
    Spearhead initiated a workshop to collect information regarding complexity around client reporting systems and provided a solution that cut reporting resource time by 50%.