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Organizations are now vying for operational improvements with Blockchain. At Spearhead Technology, we use the latest technology solutions to bridge the gaps in current and emerging payments systems. Blockchain’s shared, immutable ledgers are linked effectively to tie the ends between different global players and the points of payment.

Globally, revolutionary shifts are taking place to address the challenges thrown by cross-border payments. New-age organizations are redefining implementation approaches to track the speed, transparency, cost, and accessibility of payments. They are trying hard to foster end-to-end cross-border payments with full accountability and trust. In the process, they are dealing with old and new roadblocks that keep coming their way.

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Cross-border payments are headaches

  • Vague understanding of existing cross-border payment guidance and standards.
  • Complex payments and transaction data frameworks on regional, national and international levels.
  • Tough access to payment systems and different operating hours.
  • Uncommon features of service and payments related agreements and schemes.
  • Different ways of using payment-versus-payment tools and methods.
  • Linking up different payment systems in line with established standards and regulations.
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Spearhead Technology's cross-border payment Capabilities

Enable financial inclusions, safe payments and cost efficiencies

    Correspondent Bank/SWIFT

  • Facilitate SWIFT transfers for reliable, end-to-end cross border payments

  • Deal with more than 11,000 financial institutions located across 200 countries, numerous asset management companies, securities dealers, banks, depositories, clearing houses and SWIFT network exchanges to set the pace of payments

    Strategic Tie-Ups

  • Build and handle strategic tie-ups between agents and overseas principals

  • Disburse funds across geographical boundaries at the ongoing exchange rates

  • Link up with strategic business partners to enable smart blockchain outcomes

    Partnerships With International Exchange Houses

  • Work with different international exchange houses to enable remittance facilities as per laid down regulations

  • Understand cross border payments and their limitations for inward remittances, outward remittances, trade-related transactions and all other types of international receipts and payments.

Use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Experiment with blockchain and DLT models to make cross-border payments easier than ever before

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Bidirectional Messaging

The use of bidirectional messaging via Ripple and other blockchain solutions ensure that your transactions are 100% validated before DLT fund transfers take place with transacting parties.

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Risk Assessment

We integrate checks, controls and multiple layers of remittance information to prevent anti-money laundering, fraud checks and other risks via cross-border standard information sharing.

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Faster Payment Rails

Our faster payment rails use proxy identifiers to enable payments with reduced information and efforts needed for cross-border payments. We expand your reach in global markets at affordable costs.

Leverage the Benefits of Blockchain

Use Blockchain for frictionless cross-border payments from anywhere, anytime. There are several benefits of integrating Blockchain technology in any industry vertical. The use of blockchain in cross border payments enables higher transparency and reliability. Remitting payments across different geographical locations is safer with Blockchain. It is fast emerging as the go-to solution for making transactions faster and simpler.
  • Significant reductions of time and risks in transfers

  • Use of proxy identifiers for easy payments

  • Lower transaction charges, cross-border fees, exchange rate fluctuations

  • Cross border remittances and payments through multiple digital channels

  • Near real-time completion and settlement of transactions

Nail the challenges of cross border payments

  • Secure global payment gateways

  • Popular regional payment options

  • Tailored cross-border payments

  • Blockchain simplified mechanisms

Alleviate risks and fears

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