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The consistent rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies has taken institutional investors by surprise. This fast-emerging asset class has complex risk management concerns. When handled by our crypto risk managers, the challenges of cryptocurrency regulations, modeling, valuation, liquidity, clearing settlement and other complexities get transformed into positive business results.

  • Cryptocurrencies are not interchangeable; they are unique and diverse in properties.
  • There is no commonly accepted consensus valuation approach, metrics or reported pricing information.
  • Cryptocurrencies are deprived of standard legal protection as they are not standard products or traded financial instruments.
  • These financial instruments are highly volatile and are traded trade 24/7 globally.
  • The cryptocurrency market is ridden with high volatility, limited liquidity and price fluctuations.
  • Cryptocurrency custodial solutions for institutions are technologically and legally complicated.
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Spearhead Technology's AML Capabilities

Deploy the most effective blockchain solutions for transactions and holdings

    Behavioral Analytics

  • Deploy useful blockchain-aided statistical techniques and models to detect any anomalous relationships or transactions

  • Detect real-time frauds via advanced blockchain analytics tools

  • Leverage time spent on a webpage, IP addresses, search behavior, click speed and online purchases to detect fraud

    Case Management

  • Mitigate the AML risks in your financial transactions

  • Deploy advance analytics based on the knowledge derived from case management software and disparate information sources to protect your deals

  • Detect fraud and compliance issues without fail

    Compliance Reporting

  • Provide workable features and functions for different AML systems and solutions

  • Develop and integrate Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance programs

  • Combat the challenges presented by banks and global financial institutions readily

Effective Blockchain Solutions

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Cryptocurrency Consultations

We help our clients get their first foot into the world of cryptocurrency. From wallet setup to exchange, security practices and project guidance, we promise to keep all crypto transactions in safe and trusted hands.

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Blockchain Development

Our Blockchain developers build tokens, contracts, cryptocurrency software solutions, code audits, technical research and analysis. They keep you totally informed about the cryptocurrency landscape.

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Secure Transactions

We ensure that your transactions are secured by accurate cryptography codes and locked cryptographic systems. Our cryptocurrency teams ensure super-fast, real-world and irreversible transactions every time.

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Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Our expertise in all facets of Blockchain and DLT bundles transactions into chained blocks that are broadcasted securely across network nodes. We power all cryptocurrencies to increase your ROI.

Join the Crypto Bandwagon

We have a large repository of cryptocurrency services and products to build your portfolio.
  • Buy and sell the most profitable cryptocurrencies

  • Use blockchain-aided ledgers and databases

  • Keep track of your transactions from a singular platform

  • Schedule your cryptocurrency buys and investments

  • Stay on top of the markets with well-informed trading

Buy, Sell, Earn Crypto Assets

Trade with the most popular and profitable cryptocurrency exchanges, day and night. Join a long list of clients who trust our lightning-fast, robust and reliable transaction capabilities with billions in cryptocurrencies. We provide market prices and bank guarantees aggregated from popular cryptocurrency exchanges and financial institutions, worldwide.

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Cryptocurrency Trading

We deploy useful blockchain-aided statistical techniques and models to detect any anomalous relationships or transactions within your financial systems. Our AML trackers detect real-time frauds via advanced blockchain analytics tools, time spent on a webpage, IP addresses, search behavior, click speed and online purchases.

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Staking to Earn Crypto

Earn regular rewards to add more value to your cryptocurrency holdings. We construct strong blockchain networks and proof-of-stake blockchains to confirm your crypto asset transactions.

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Big and Small-Sized Crypto-Trades

Connect with our client services team to trade top cryptocurrencies with the best execution. Use our order routing sources to get the best available market prices with minimal counterparty risks.

Why Choose Spearhead?

  • Stack all your digital assets securely in our offline storage systems. Talk to our Blockchain developers to understand how to keep funds safe at all times.

  • We provide crypto insurance with full coverage for your cash balances but up to a specified limit. Our cryptocurrency insurance partners will tell you more.

  • Spearhead implements global industry practices for the security of your digital currencies. Connect to transact with instruments in tradable digital forms.

Ready for Crypto?

Talk with Spearhead Technology's experts to understand how your organization can benefit from our specialized crypto solutions.
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