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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) framework that enables a more agile, secure and future-centric digital workforce for evolving businesses. Agile, new-age organizations are investing in intelligent robotic process automation to unify their digital and human workforces. They are connecting the dots between human resources, digital tools and IT systems to automate back-end processes and customer experiences. However, to achieve full-scale automation, these organizations require autonomous, self-organizing, secure and versatile digital workers.

Blue Prism provides innovative ways to accelerate the transformation journey of evolving enterprises. It empowers in-house teams with better insights and workflow control to help them retain focus on their core activities. Along with managing complex infrastructure and guaranteeing its security, Blue Prism delivers operational speed, flexibility and agility to realize new business automation goals.

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RPA specialists

The RPA specialists at Spearhead Technology are adept at implementing Blue Prism features and tools to build more adaptable and skillful digital workforces. Our intelligent Blue Prism automation platforms and processes offer secure and reliable digital workers that act according to instructions. We enable deep operational insights and improved control to leverage the AI and ML-backed RPA tools and solutions delivered by Blue Prism.

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Spearhead Technology's Blue Prism Capabilities

Harness the powers of the RPA leader​

    Intelligent Automation

  • Powerful and in-time automation solutions are essential to combat enterprise challenges

  • Facilitate a fully-managed intelligent digital workforce and RPA capabilities to tackle your repetitive, day-to-day tasks

  • Use our expertise in Blue Prism to automate workflows for increased efficiency gains and ROI

    Cloud-First Strategies

  • Cloud-centric designs provide for optimum deployment flexibility

  • Link up connected enterprise tools and digital workers to provide the most efficient ways to automate

  • Blue Prism Cloud SaaS solutions can work in sync with digital workers on preferred private/public cloud platforms

    Software Robots

  • Accelerated automation strategies require multitasking, super organized digital workers to aid your RPA initiatives

  • The digital workers enabled by Blue Prism work with your existing technology, applications and systems for smooth RPA management

  • They perform effortlessly to fulfill all assigned tasks

Blue Prism Benefits for Fast IT Changes

Automate and grow exponentially with the general usability, scalability and security benefits of Blue Prism.

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Effective Digital Workforce

Blue Prism paves the way for effective business strategies by linking AI, ML, sentiment analysis and deep insights. We deploy our smart RPA approaches from a secure platform to make your operations agile.

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Protected Platform

Spearhead’s RPA security experts use multiple levels of Blue Prism security to keep your authorization credentials and data 100% protected. Users can find what they need without facing any quality issues.

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User-friendly Software

Our RPA experts implement Blue Prism’s user interface to boost business process automation. They support different languages, processes and third-party tools to create improved data-based strategies.

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Scalable System

Blue Prism resources and settings can be controlled by authorized users via an administration console. The system is easily scalable on the cloud via Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web or on-premise services.

Training your Digital Workforce

We deploy the Blue Prism RPA platform to effectively control and manage your software robots for increasingly complex tasks. The digital workforce works alongside your valued employees after deployment. We train bots to take on all tasks (easy and complex) and perform as and when needed. Our RPA teams integrate OCR, AI, ML and sentiment analysis models to influence their decision-making skills. With appropriate training, the digital workers start working on their own, leaving your staff free to perform core activities.
  • Actionable automation for increased efficiencies, reduced costs and resource overloads.

  • Process assessment tools and intelligence to plan workflows and ways to design and build them.

  • Implementation of proven robotic models to launch, scale and maintain the digital workforce.

  • Faster ERP automation and accelerators to increase the efficiency of digital SAP workers.

  • Integrate Blue Prism product features and benefits

    • Our Blue Prism RPA processes make you start quickly and consolidate with proven results.

    • We implement the highest security certifications while building process events and actions.

    • The cognitive processes and products used by our experts create industrial-scale RPA solutions.

    • We connect the benefits of Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere and UiPath for faster returns.

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